and broadband mobile internet solutions
in a single tool.


Virtual advertising board

PushAir is a virtual communications platform based on advanced technology that is responsive, fast and free-to-convert, and fully capable of accommodating the customer's needs, while advertisement consumption is not burdensome at all for the target audience.

Free WiFi

PushAir is a WiFi Router based on the special MIMO Board technology, which allows the tool to provide superfast internet access for up to 180-200 users at the same time. It makes PushAir an ideal tool to make the guest's experience even more complete for events, hotels, restaurants, shops and public institutions or even public transportation service providers.

How does it work?


  • Reception area: 2000 square meters/unit
  • Full Radius server control from a single center
  • Handling all file format
  • PushAir 4G: 4G/LTE - 150/20 Mbit/s bandwidth via mobile internet
  • PushAir 4G Traffic: 4G/LTE - 150/20 Mbit/s bandwidth via mobile internet, reinforced internal structure, acceleration and anti-vibration protection
  • PushAir LAN: 300/150 Mbps bandwidth via LAN connection


  • Fully upgradeable system developed by our team
  • The device is able to operate in standalone mode or being connected to a central server as there is a small individual server running in every unit
  • Program-level modification is available
  • Easy-to-manage central interfac
  • Statistics and analyzes of usage, traffic, and connected end-user devices are available
  • Fully customizable service (bandwidth limit, time limit, access without authorization, coupon codes, etc.)


  • ARM processor based central controller with 4G stick and WiFi stick attached
  • Own-developed hardware for the 4G stick, as currently available network drives provide capacity not enough for smooth operation
  • Own electronics for connecting hardware component
  • Can be operated from electric network or accumulator Optimized for extreme, open air conditions
  • RADIUS server


  • High level SSL security - 2048 bit digital signature protocol with 256-bit security encryption
  • Works with all browsers and email clients in the most popular desktop and mobile environments
  • Safe for both www and without domains

We created PushAir for You, if...